Stimuli #1. Limited Edition Of 10

Stimuli #1. Limited Edition Of 10


Thank you for visiting my artwork. This piece was inspired by the reaction of applying stimulus to a cell, this reaction is called a reflex. A detailed description of my methods is supplied in my artist profile.

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These are the keys facts regarding my work practice:

- A unique method, never before used in the photographic process which has been developed over 10 years, through a life-long trial and error process.

- All created in camera, no photoshop used.

- Created originally from a painting.

- Printed on a beautiful Fuji Metallic paper, giving a rich, stunning surface.

- Mounted and ready to hang.

- Limited Edition of 10 pieces, meaning your print will increase in value over time.

- Certificate of authenticity on back.

- Signed

- I am passionate about giving my clients the BEST possible product and service.

- Full money back guarantee. If you're not happy, I'm not happy, if you find the artwork doesn't work in your space, send it back and you'll receive a full refund.


I hope you enjoy and feel free to reach out to me with any questions.