Welcome to my studio, I’m most likely busy working away, but feel free to peruse my work, maybe there’s something here you’ll like.

Since finishing a fine arts degree almost two decades ago, I’ve been working to put my stamp on the arts world. As you can imagine, this is no easy feet, as there are so many great artists.

I’m really excited to bring you my latest body of work. This has been a life long culmination of trial and many errors along the way. Finally, all my years of research and development have allowed me to create this ultimately unique photographic style, with the final outcome being entirely created in camera. How have I done this I hear you ask?

These pieces are created with either two or three separate images brought into one. I start by creating a collage, which is used as a base to cover entirely with similar colours using oil paints, or I will make an oil painting from scratch. The collage is the subject and the oil painting is the colour. If I don’t make a collage and instead create an oil painting without an underlying image, this painting will be derived from a subject.

The final image created is the final piece and I call this part the form. I take the painted collage or oil painting and put it through a series of lighting and filtering techniques I have developed, which is then photographed to create the final image. All created in camera. I certainly don’t have a problem with people using photoshop to create an entire image, personally I prefer images created entirely in camera, they seem more in tune with my understanding of photography.


These are the keys facts regarding my work practice:

- A unique method, never before used in the photographic process which has been developed over 10 years, through a life-long trial and error process.

- Printed on a beautiful Fuji Metallic paper, giving a rich, stunning surface.

- Mounted and ready to hang.

- Limited Edition of 10 pieces, meaning your print will increase in value over time.

- Certificate of authenticity on back.

- Signed

- I am passionate about giving my clients the BEST possible product and service.

- Full money back guarantee. If you're not happy, I'm not happy, if you find the artwork doesn't work in your space, send it back and you'll receive a full refund.


I hope you enjoy and feel free to reach out to me with any questions.